This War Of Mine APK – The 11-bit studio has launched a game called the war of mine in 2014 on PC that gained a lot of popularity the survival game will be played as a civilian, not a soldier.

this war of mine apk

Summary about This War of Mine MOD APK

Name This War of Mine
Publisher 11 bit studios
Genre 3D, Offline, Simulation, Survival
Latest Version 1.5.5
Size 552M
MOD Features Unlocked All Chapters/The Little Ones
Platforms Android 4.0
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This game will give you an experience of war’s effects on innocents. Now you have to find a way to save yourself in these extreme rough settings of the city. You have to appropriate the surrounding in order to not get killed from these bombings that are causing the destruction.

The story:

This is not like others but in an interview recorded by reporters sort of way to those who have survived 1400 days in this war zone. The only context has been developed, the story will build by the players according to it.

There is no specific storyline but it will be a reaction generated story based on your actions. Survival requires a time limit. A unique feature of memoir writing has been introduced in this game.

Harsh survival factor:

For survival, you need to collect medicine, food and other stuff throughout the journey. The amount could vary so use them carefully. Not only that, you will have to look out for attacks from opponents. For necessities, you can also steal from opponents and army to fulfill your supplements. Weather will also be an important factor in this game.


Graphics are stunning hand-drawn images making the game more realistic and personalized. The main color palette is black and white which depicts the harsh realities of this chaotic world. The war brings misery to innocent people and left nothing but all ashes.

Game shows the world’s drastic changes from a peaceful land to this ruined mess with dead bodies on the floor and tall buildings falling to the grounds. There is no life at all showing the city to be dead.


The game has a superb rating in the UK. Its genre is nor comedy but action but still worth playing. This game helps you understand the misery of war victims and their agony and suffering which has been due to the war. As war nothing but blood and tears. People need to understand that it brings worse circumstances to innocent people who have nothing to do with it.

This game can be bought by Google Play Store. The game requires configuration that RAM should be 1GB and GBU can be Adreno 320, Tegra 3 or PowerVR SGX 544.