What some of our other customers say about? FCC Fuel conditioner

  • “A journey that could not be completed on one tank full of fuel before treatment can now be done with fuel remaining.I am very pleased with the results that I have obtained”. “I am very pleased with the results that I have obtained”D.F.E. Bedforshire
  • “My son in law has been using FCC in his diesel engine Land Rover for about one month and has been impressed with the results”. “I would be grateful if you would send me a 250 ml bottle”C..W.Teeside
  • “Here is our cheque for 1 liter FCC which we are using successfully in our 1987 Isuzu Trooper and Nov1.5TD.”D.L.B.Shropshire
  • “In late March of this year, I purchased 250ml of FCC for use in a Frontera 2.3TD. The experiment has been entirely successful, With FCC apparently delivering all that you claim for it” “Please find enclosed cheque for a liter bottle”P.J.R. Kent
  • “I must say I am impressed by FCC. I think its performance is better than your claims”H.A.C. Wiltshire
  • “Many thanks for your honest answers to my questions relating to the product. It certainly seems to work in my vehicle”.G.A.W. Cllmd
  • “I am very pleased with the results obtained from FCC”.G.J.H. Avon
  • “I have used this product in my diesel 90 Land Rover and can only describe the effect as incredible. Starting is better, smoking has been reduced and above all it does run quieter. I can certainly recommend FCC”. C.A. London
  • “500 km/week to and from Brussels. Used to be 450 km/45-46 ltr tank full. Now close to 500km. Vehicle is 2.8 TD Daihatsu Fourtrak SWB”.G.T.B. Belgium
  • “This product is unobtainable in my area. Its a pity, because it really does work, fuel consumption on my Sportrak has been reduced by some 4 mpg”.M.P.D.M. Bristol


Pacific Towing (PNG) Ltd

pacific towing

Ian Stevens in a circular to his managers writes:

“Some time back we encountered contamination of all four fuel tanks on the tug ‘Mataranka’ The contamination showed up in its early stages as a powdery black residue in the fuel filters. The Mataranka runs 2 x Detroit 16V92s and fortunately no noticeable impairment to the injector/pump units was detected.

After receiving welcome advice from many T&S ( Supts) in Australia, I finally settled on this product (FCC/ Fuel Conditioner Concentrate)which I have used to successfully deal with the problem. I initially dosed the affected 20,000 liters with a mix of 1:2500 and gave it a second treatment at the recommended 1:4000 dosage. The diesel bug has been contained/eliminated to the extent that I have no indication of any remnant contamination in the filters for the last month.

One of the reasons for choosing FCC over others put forward was that it is non flammable and non toxic and so is air transportable whereas some of the other recommended treatments are not. The product was delivered here in Port Moresby within 4 days of confirming the order.

The supplier is Gold Coast based; Your Earth Pacific.  Advice and “follow up” by the supplier was excellent.   If you guys are unfortunate enough to get a dose of this variant of Diesel Swine Flu, I would recommend this product to you.
Lukim you,                                                                                                

Lukim you,

    • Ian Stevens
    • Fleet Superintendent
    • Pacific Towing (PNG) Ltd.
    • Marine Towage, Salvage and Diving Contractors

pacific towing




Dear Chris,

Consultation with Johnson Malthey regarding the use of the fuel set additive in conjunction with vehicles fitted with CRT tm has revealed that it should have no harmful or detrimental effect on the operation of the CRT.

Should however CRT fitted to vehicles using the Fuel Set additive fail, core samples of the catalyst and filter will be taken and laboratory tested before being approved for replacement under warranty.

Yours sincerely,

B Lornie



Liquid Engineering’s Managing Director, Gerry Yeatman, explains: “Croatia imports its diesel fuel from Russia. This fuel has high sulphur content, which attacks the metals in the fuel-metering device of the engine. This can lead to expensive repairs in all makes of models of cars”.

“The Audi dealers in Croatia found the valves had a life of only about 8,000 km, but with FCC added to the tank there was simply no problem”

As a result Audi diesel buyers are being told: “No FCC no Warranty”

How does this product work where others fail? FCC like all Liquid Engineering products is non toxic and biodegradable. It is a complete fuel conditioner that effectively removes the water present in virtually all fuel systems and removes gums, resins, acid and carbon build up. It also kills the dreaded “diesel bug” “Cladisporium resinea”, extends the life of fuel filters and the catalytic converter and cleans infectors and jets.

If the fuel is clean, the engine will operate with optimum efficiency.

The outcome is cleaner emissions and better performance and economy.

Its mix ration of 4000:1 also makes it economical to use, either directly in the vehicle or to treat holding tanks. FCC is used extensively throughout the world in the auto, marine, agricultural, trucking and coach/bus industries. Any engine, burning any hydrocarbon fuel, benefits from the use of FCC. You dont have to buy Russian Diesel to see an improvement in the performance of you engine.  Just as well, really.

Ferry RAB-Croatia

ferry rab croatia

We have tested FUEL SET (additive for diesel fuel) produced by LIQIID ENGINEERING Western Australia supplied by LIQUED ENGINEERING GREGUREK from Zagreb Remetine_ka c. 75a.

Testing took place during the period from 01.07.2000 to 01.10.2000. on the car ferry RAB 1 (2 diesel engines CUMMINS KTA 19 M3)

Power: 640 HP each.

Above testing showed following results:

  1. Much easier starting and smoother running of engines have been evaluated.
  2. Major lack of visible smoke (almost completely) noticed.
  3. Fuel consumption reduced: 10%-15% (average)


At the end of the operative season regular servicing took place in rehauling shipyard PUNAT where fuel tanks in inspection showed that they are clean, no sediments or water were found, which was not the case during previous exploitation without Fuel Set.

We would like to point out that during testing and application of FUEL SET we did not have any negative indications neither problems or incidents connected to the fuel, filters, tubing or injecting system. The testing took place under continuous heavy conditions of engines operation (CONSTANT MANOVRA)

We are glad to inform you that we decided to use FUEL SET regularly and continuously on all our vessels (ferries).

FUEL SET was added in 1 :3000 ration.

Rab. 11.10.2000. Tehn. Director
Ing. Vjeko Maricic

“Rapska Plovidba”




Remarks on use of the Fuel Set (a gasoline and diesel fuel additive) and CORRO DIP (corrosion dissolvent)

During long years of working with our ships we have been always confronted with two basic principles at the exploitation of main engines at the two underlying agreements.

  1. Water and impurity at the fuel (in our case diesel fuel) and consequently thereafter frequent cleaning of tanks with dislodging of 400-500 liters of emulsion (diesel and water with impurity) from the bottoms of tanks, with frequent failures of pumps and injectors and even of cracking fuel pumps shafts. Impurity of filters and combustion chambers and complete exhaust systems.
  2. Gradually chocking of cooling water passages of the engine block by inert and non-inertrust. Impossibility of cleaning an indirect cooling system during its work due to the lack of chemical (unit now) forced us to cease with exploitation of our ships due to constant engine heat increase, and that usually occurred during critical moment when a ship was the most need and inflicted upon us enormous costs.

    It is quite understandable that we have tried on basis of our experience or by recommendation of various mechanics and institutions, to solve such existing problems of all shipping companies. Un now we did not succeed in that applying the above explained mechanical manner, i.e., by mechanical clearing tanks and engine cooling systems and having a ship out of its exploitation for several days.

It is quite understandable that by occurrence of your products and offer for testing :

  1. Fuel SET

For our ships we were rather skeptical, yet quite sure that there does not exist and easy solution. But, upon testing FUEL SET and CORRO DIP we have been amazed.

  1. By using Fuel Set our tanks have remained clean, it means that Fuel Set had absorbed all and helped to burn out all particles of water, impurity, paraffin and similar components.
    • Fuel filters were without any emulsion, only with large impurity.
    • Exhaust systems and turbines were completely clean, and temperatures of exhaust gases during a normal work were near that most favorable lower limit.
    • By measuring it was established a diminished fuel consumption for 7-10%.
  2. By using CORR DIP in comply with instruction for its use printed upon its package, our ship was cut of exploitation only for 24 hours, and water temperature of the engine cooling system as by some miracle way lowered up the lower limit in a fall throttle (-20%rmp). By visual inspection of the boilers walls (heat exchanger) it was seen that wells were clean and that at the steel walls (housings) and copper parts (radiators) there were not any mechanical changes. For testing we use engines with heat exchangers (indirect engine cooling with sea water) cummings 885NTA 350 HP and Detroit Dies

Hawthorn Cat


To Whom It May Concern

In Guam in January 2010 I was introduced toFCC Fuel Conditioner Concentrate by David Loughnan, CEO of Your Earth Pacific Pty Ltd when he was releasing FCC in the Northern Pacific region.

At Hawthorne Pacific Corporation in my position as Service Manager I am responsible for the ongoing maintenance of our entire rental fleet of equipment which includes the following CAT models: –

  • 416, 420 & 430 Backhoes
  • 305, 320, 321, 325, 330 & 345 Excavators
  • 938 & 950 Loaders
  • D5, D6 & D8 – Bull Dozers
  • 160 KW, 180 KW, 400 KW, 2 x 1 Meg & 1 x 2 Meg – Stand by Generators.

My interest in the FCC product was due to the fact that we had always suffered from fuel related problems caused by moisture in the fuel with some cases of the dreaded diesel bug, abnormally high service and replacement requirements for fuel pumps, injectors and fuel solenoid valves. After discussions with David I decided to use FCC as part of our standard ‘end of rental’ regular servicing programme.

The results have been exceptional and far exceeded those we expected. Using FCC in the after rental service programme has eliminated all fuel related maintenance and replacement of fuel pumps, injectors and solenoid valves. In the smaller equipment which is not electronically controlled FCC has eliminated black exhaust smoke together with a very noticeable increase in the reliability of our entire rental fleet. At CAT we are extremely proud of the performance of our equipment; FCC has taken those performance levels to a new height through improved fuel management.

In December 2010 Hawthorne Pacific Corp approached Your Earth Pacific seeking to become their distributor in this region which resulted in our appointment. We are now supplying FCC to a number of key operators such as Black Constructions who are using FCC throughout their vast and varied fleet by dosing FCC into both their diesel and gasoline master storage tanks and Kosrae Utilities Authority who have been using FCC in their all CAT generator power plants since June 2010.

I am proud to recommend FCC to any operation that is seeking improved performance, large reductions in short and long term fuel related maintenance through improved fuel storage and management initiatives. Although we at Hawthorne Pacific Corp cannot accurately record fuel savings in our rental fleet we do endorse the fuel savings recorded by our clients which is in the range of 6% 8% fuel savings from using FCC. A combination of fuel savings, decreased maintenance expenditure and increased reliability makes FCC easily self-funding and in our experience, likely to produce substantial savings for consistent users.

I will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our experience with FCC Fuel conditioner or the distributor of this great Australian made product – Your Earth Pacific Pty Ltd


Dear Mr. Stevens,


We refer to your recent enquiry and confirm that we have used Fuel Set consistently since June 1995. During this period we have had no fuel or emission problems. The use of Fuel Set has had no detrimental effects on any of our vehicles.

We are currently running 14 DAF 75-300 units.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Humphery
Traffic Controller


MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG,

Dear Barry,


Water in the fuel is in fact a problem in some areas not only since it can penetrate into the injection system and cause damages but also produce fungal growth in the fuel tank and filters blocking in the fuel supply to the engine. Any means to reduce the effect of water in the fuel is very welcome as long as it does not harm the engines in another way.

In respect of Fuel Set we have no own experience nor did we carry own endurance tests so we are in a position to give an official approval for this fuel additive. On the other hand we have no objection if owners use such fuel treatment on their own risk.

MAN’s warranty would be maintained under normal terms and conditions but as a matter of course problems which might arise from the use of any unapproved product would not be covered.

With best regards,
MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG, Werk Numberry
– Wolfram Heinocke, MVMT.

 MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG,


perkins engines

Dear Sir,


You will appreciate that we are unable to give formal approval for any fuel additives, due to the scale of evaluation necessary.

However, it does appear from the description of Fuel Set, and the test results supplied, that it does meet the claims of water handling, and avoidance of fungal infections, and that no harm should result to the engine or fuel system.

That claims regarding carbon deposits, fuel economy, and emissions can only be validated by extensive field testing (or use).

Yours faithfully,
John Hollman
Fuels and Lubricants Specialist
Global Technology Organisation

perkins engines

Sabre Engines


Dear Gerry,

Subject: Fuel Set

Sabre Engines are not able to give a formal approval for your fuel additive “Fuel Set”. We do not have an endurance test programme in which we could evaluate the product fully. However from the promotional material and talks with you we have no reason to disapprove the product.

We will warrant the engine under our normal terms and conditions, but should any problem arise which can be attributed to the use of your product then the engine repair would not be covered.

Yours faithfully,
A.J. Pattle
Engineering Manager



Dear Chris Stevens,

Re: Fuel Set

Following our recent telephone conversation I would confirm that we have used your product Fuel Set at our Crawely Depot, where we operate 12 Volvo BIOM’s and 14 Scania K113s.

Our results showed that, when used in the recommended mix ratio of 4000:1 in our Derv bulk storage tank, the fuel economy improvement covered the cost of your product. This data was cross referenced with our Feltham Depot where the fuel was not treated.

Yours Sincerely,
Steve Perks
Fleet Engineer

Mr. R Tancred

aussie testimonial

Dear Paul

I am just writing to you to give you some feedback on the outcome of me using FCC Fuel Conditioner on my boat.

Sometime ago, I had a problem with water in my fuel and as a result I had some additional work done on my boat with the filter system however, complimentary to this, I have been using your product and must say I am very pleased with the outcome.

Prior to using the product I made inquiries about it and also read the interesting article on your website about International comparisons with similar products and noted that your product overall was considered best.

I check my filter system regularly for condensation and/ or water before departing and the fuel is always clear and free of water. I have no doubt that your product has contributed to this outcome I always top up each tank with 125ml in each tank after filling the boat.

I have also noticed better fuel economy since using the product.

I have no hesitation in recommending this low cost form of “insurance” when it comes to keeping my fuel system in shape.

King regards

Mr. R Tancred
Hillarys WA

Narrow Boat Fuel revitalization

Dear Gerry,

“Another excellent result”

Thank you for your recent delivery of Fuel Set.

I added it to the fuel tank of a narrow boat I am working on in France, the fuel being between 10 and 3 years old – I tested the diesel engine some 10 months ago and it ran badly, erratic tick-over, lumpy etc, so badly I intended to fit a new injection pump, injectors etc.

Two weeks ago I added the Fuel Set to the 40 gallons of old diesel in the tank, stirred/agitated it, bled the engine fuel system, started the engine and it ran perfectly, steady tick-over and RPM steady at all throttle settings – a truly impressive result – it looks as if the Fuel Set treatment has saved me considerable expense in fitting new parts to rectify the rough running.

Thanks again,
Yours truly,

Geoff Nash

Raptis And Sons


Dear Paul,

With reference to our telephone discussion today, I would just like to let you know that we have been regularly using FCC Fuel conditioner in the trawlers of our fishing fleet in South Australia since 2005.From the beginning we noticed an almost immediate improvement in the smoothness of the engine at idle and while underway. The fuel filters were lasting longer and there was no longer any water buildup in the fuel tanks.

With the engines able to run more efficiently there has been reduced black smoke and soot in the engine oil.

Because of these benefits we have been able to extend the intervals between servicing, greatly reducing downtime.We were told that FCC also removes carbon buildup from the cylinder head, we can confirm this on the few occasions where we have lifted off the cylinder heads to find them unbelievably free of carbon.
For the same reason we have found that the injector pump and nozzles are also cleanand without any gum or resin accumulating.We do not want to put our fleet or crew at risk out at sea because of a fuel problem so we make sure that all our boats are regularly dosed with FCC Fuel conditioner at fill up.Being biodegradable and non flammable gives it added environmental and safety advantages.
The nature of our operations makes it very difficult to establish any fuel savings, but we can only assume that with our engines running this efficiently, that fuel savings are very real.
We have no hesitation in strongly recommending this product to any commercial operator whether they work offshore, on the land or below ground

Thank you

Kind regards
Jim Raptis


United Airlines

united airlines

Dear Mr Stevens,

Re: Fuel Set Fuel Conditioner

Futher to our recent discussion concerning vehicle exhaust emissions in and around Heathrow airport, we are happy to confirm the following.

We have been using your product Fuel Set in our ground support vehicles since June 1998. During this time we have treated some 1.6 million liters of fuel with no detrimental effects to any of our equipment. We no longer have problems with exhaust emissions, despite the long periods of idle and short run cycle that our vehicles endure. Any premature filter blockage and water problems have been, eliminated thus saving any unnecessary down time in Ihe workshop.

We are continuing to use Fuel Set as part of our ‘clean air’ commitment at Heathrow.

Yours sincerely,
Alan Temple
Manager- Plant & equipment Maintenance




Dear Chris,

Just a brief note to say how delighted we are with the Fuel Set product. As you know we add at source into our bowser for direct delivery into the fleet, this has proved to be very useful to us on a few issue the primary ones being less blocked fuel filters and other related fuel problems, particularly over the winter period. It has shown a significant reduction in emission problems, which as you are aware at Heathrow, is a very contentious point! Please also would you forward me another drum purchase order number 10662 same delivery address.

Graham Spillane

Electric Power Corporation

electric power corporation

Subject-EPC Testimony for Fuel Conditioner Concentrate (FCC)

Reliable & Affordable electricity for Samoa is the Electric Power Corporation’s (EPC) VISION for the next 3 years. It is our responsibility as employees to search and apply any possible methods or ideas to try and achieve this goal. Any possibility to get revenue back from these methods to counteract the uncontrolled price rise of diesel fuel is welcome for trial. We have previously conducted a trial for conditioner from another company-however, it did not prove to be cost benefit, so the trial lasted for only some weeks.New fuel conditioner FCC, was introduced to EPC by Rob Wetzel on December 2007 and trials were started at that time and its currently continuing. This trial contains 3 phases which are carried out to monitor the outcome.

1st Phase- Treat 1 engine for 1 months (Dec-2007)
2nd Phase – Treat the whole fuel stock for all engines for 3 months (Jan 08- March 08)
3rd Phase – Treat the whole fuel stock for 6 months (Jan08 –June08)

From the overall observation and results of all 3 trials, we have concluded that FCC has in fact brought a very good result in terms of

Improving our engines efficiencies by 3%
Reducing cylinder internal combustion by 100C
Reducing fuel pump leaks by 60%
Reducing cost of maintenance on fuel related problems
Reducing downtime of our machines

In Summary, EPC is excited by the environmental and commercial benefit FCC provides.
From the results achieved to date, EPC has no hesitation in suggesting potential FCC vendors to run controlled trials to determine for themselves the benefit proved by FCC.

All the best
Siloma Tago


ace equipment

Dear Mr. Stevens,

The Product Fuel Set was used by servisair at Belfast International Airport on Transit Vans.

We found that the emissions were cleaned up (black smoke that was) and, the engine run without ‘pinking’.

Also, we haven’t experienced any pump or injector problems while using Fuel Set. I would have no problem recommending this product for engines which experience excessive idling & carbon build ups.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. B Revels
Maintenance Manager

American Airlines

american airlines

Dear Sirs,

American Airlines at Heathrow have been using Fuel set for approx 3 year. There has been a noticeable improvement in the condition of our stored fuel. The addition of Fuel Set has brought about a marked decrease in exhaust smoke emission, water in fuel, filter condition, engine running performance and full economy.

Kevin Robins

american airlines

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