Remarks on use of the Fuel Set (a gasoline and diesel fuel additive) and CORRO DIP (corrosion dissolvent)

During long years of working with our ships we have been always confronted with two basic principles at the exploitation of main engines at the two underlying agreements.

  1. Water and impurity at the fuel (in our case diesel fuel) and consequently thereafter frequent cleaning of tanks with dislodging of 400-500 liters of emulsion (diesel and water with impurity) from the bottoms of tanks, with frequent failures of pumps and injectors and even of cracking fuel pumps shafts. Impurity of filters and combustion chambers and complete exhaust systems.
  2. Gradually chocking of cooling water passages of the engine block by inert and non-inertrust. Impossibility of cleaning an indirect cooling system during its work due to the lack of chemical (unit now) forced us to cease with exploitation of our ships due to constant engine heat increase, and that usually occurred during critical moment when a ship was the most need and inflicted upon us enormous costs.

    It is quite understandable that we have tried on basis of our experience or by recommendation of various mechanics and institutions, to solve such existing problems of all shipping companies. Un now we did not succeed in that applying the above explained mechanical manner, i.e., by mechanical clearing tanks and engine cooling systems and having a ship out of its exploitation for several days.

It is quite understandable that by occurrence of your products and offer for testing :

  1. Fuel SET

For our ships we were rather skeptical, yet quite sure that there does not exist and easy solution. But, upon testing FUEL SET and CORRO DIP we have been amazed.

  1. By using Fuel Set our tanks have remained clean, it means that Fuel Set had absorbed all and helped to burn out all particles of water, impurity, paraffin and similar components.
    • Fuel filters were without any emulsion, only with large impurity.
    • Exhaust systems and turbines were completely clean, and temperatures of exhaust gases during a normal work were near that most favorable lower limit.
    • By measuring it was established a diminished fuel consumption for 7-10%.
  2. By using CORR DIP in comply with instruction for its use printed upon its package, our ship was cut of exploitation only for 24 hours, and water temperature of the engine cooling system as by some miracle way lowered up the lower limit in a fall throttle (-20%rmp). By visual inspection of the boilers walls (heat exchanger) it was seen that wells were clean and that at the steel walls (housings) and copper parts (radiators) there were not any mechanical changes. For testing we use engines with heat exchangers (indirect engine cooling with sea water) cummings 885NTA 350 HP and Detroit Dies