Raptis And Sons

Dear Paul,

With reference to our telephone discussion today, I would just like to let you know that we have been regularly using FCC Fuel conditioner in the trawlers of our fishing fleet in South Australia since 2005.From the beginning we noticed an almost immediate improvement in the smoothness of the engine at idle and while underway. The fuel filters were lasting longer and there was no longer any water buildup in the fuel tanks.

With the engines able to run more efficiently there has been reduced black smoke and soot in the engine oil.

Because of these benefits we have been able to extend the intervals between servicing, greatly reducing downtime.We were told that FCC also removes carbon buildup from the cylinder head, we can confirm this on the few occasions where we have lifted off the cylinder heads to find them unbelievably free of carbon.
For the same reason we have found that the injector pump and nozzles are also cleanand without any gum or resin accumulating.We do not want to put our fleet or crew at risk out at sea because of a fuel problem so we make sure that all our boats are regularly dosed with FCC Fuel conditioner at fill up.Being biodegradable and non flammable gives it added environmental and safety advantages.
The nature of our operations makes it very difficult to establish any fuel savings, but we can only assume that with our engines running this efficiently, that fuel savings are very real.
We have no hesitation in strongly recommending this product to any commercial operator whether they work offshore, on the land or below ground

Thank you

Kind regards
Jim Raptis