Liquid Engineering’s Managing Director, Gerry Yeatman, explains: “Croatia imports its diesel fuel from Russia. This fuel has high sulphur content, which attacks the metals in the fuel-metering device of the engine. This can lead to expensive repairs in all makes of models of cars”.

“The Audi dealers in Croatia found the valves had a life of only about 8,000 km, but with FCC added to the tank there was simply no problem”

As a result Audi diesel buyers are being told: “No FCC no Warranty”

How does this product work where others fail? FCC like all Liquid Engineering products is non toxic and biodegradable. It is a complete fuel conditioner that effectively removes the water present in virtually all fuel systems and removes gums, resins, acid and carbon build up. It also kills the dreaded “diesel bug” “Cladisporium resinea”, extends the life of fuel filters and the catalytic converter and cleans infectors and jets.

If the fuel is clean, the engine will operate with optimum efficiency.

The outcome is cleaner emissions and better performance and economy.

Its mix ration of 4000:1 also makes it economical to use, either directly in the vehicle or to treat holding tanks. FCC is used extensively throughout the world in the auto, marine, agricultural, trucking and coach/bus industries. Any engine, burning any hydrocarbon fuel, benefits from the use of FCC. You dont have to buy Russian Diesel to see an improvement in the performance of you engine.  Just as well, really.