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Ian Stevens in a circular to his managers writes:

“Some time back we encountered contamination of all four fuel tanks on the tug ‘Mataranka’ The contamination showed up in its early stages as a powdery black residue in the fuel filters. The Mataranka runs 2 x Detroit 16V92s and fortunately no noticeable impairment to the injector/pump units was detected.

After receiving welcome advice from many T&S ( Supts) in Australia, I finally settled on this product (FCC/ Fuel Conditioner Concentrate)which I have used to successfully deal with the problem. I initially dosed the affected 20,000 liters with a mix of 1:2500 and gave it a second treatment at the recommended 1:4000 dosage. The diesel bug has been contained/eliminated to the extent that I have no indication of any remnant contamination in the filters for the last month.

One of the reasons for choosing FCC over others put forward was that it is non flammable and non toxic and so is air transportable whereas some of the other recommended treatments are not. The product was delivered here in Port Moresby within 4 days of confirming the order.

The supplier is Gold Coast based; Your Earth Pacific.  Advice and “follow up” by the supplier was excellent.   If you guys are unfortunate enough to get a dose of this variant of Diesel Swine Flu, I would recommend this product to you.
Lukim you,                                                                                                

Lukim you,

    • Ian Stevens
    • Fleet Superintendent
    • Pacific Towing (PNG) Ltd.
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