Mr. R Tancred

Dear Paul

I am just writing to you to give you some feedback on the outcome of me using FCC Fuel Conditioner on my boat.

Sometime ago, I had a problem with water in my fuel and as a result I had some additional work done on my boat with the filter system however, complimentary to this, I have been using your product and must say I am very pleased with the outcome.

Prior to using the product I made inquiries about it and also read the interesting article on your website about International comparisons with similar products and noted that your product overall was considered best.

I check my filter system regularly for condensation and/ or water before departing and the fuel is always clear and free of water. I have no doubt that your product has contributed to this outcome I always top up each tank with 125ml in each tank after filling the boat.

I have also noticed better fuel economy since using the product.

I have no hesitation in recommending this low cost form of “insurance” when it comes to keeping my fuel system in shape.

King regards

Mr. R Tancred
Hillarys WA