Dear Barry,


Water in the fuel is in fact a problem in some areas not only since it can penetrate into the injection system and cause damages but also produce fungal growth in the fuel tank and filters blocking in the fuel supply to the engine. Any means to reduce the effect of water in the fuel is very welcome as long as it does not harm the engines in another way.

In respect of Fuel Set we have no own experience nor did we carry own endurance tests so we are in a position to give an official approval for this fuel additive. On the other hand we have no objection if owners use such fuel treatment on their own risk.

MAN’s warranty would be maintained under normal terms and conditions but as a matter of course problems which might arise from the use of any unapproved product would not be covered.

With best regards,
MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG, Werk Numberry
– Wolfram Heinocke, MVMT.

 MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG,