Hawthorn Cat

To Whom It May Concern

In Guam in January 2010 I was introduced toFCC Fuel Conditioner Concentrate by David Loughnan, CEO of Your Earth Pacific Pty Ltd when he was releasing FCC in the Northern Pacific region.

At Hawthorne Pacific Corporation in my position as Service Manager I am responsible for the ongoing maintenance of our entire rental fleet of equipment which includes the following CAT models: –

  • 416, 420 & 430 Backhoes
  • 305, 320, 321, 325, 330 & 345 Excavators
  • 938 & 950 Loaders
  • D5, D6 & D8 – Bull Dozers
  • 160 KW, 180 KW, 400 KW, 2 x 1 Meg & 1 x 2 Meg – Stand by Generators.

My interest in the FCC product was due to the fact that we had always suffered from fuel related problems caused by moisture in the fuel with some cases of the dreaded diesel bug, abnormally high service and replacement requirements for fuel pumps, injectors and fuel solenoid valves. After discussions with David I decided to use FCC as part of our standard ‘end of rental’ regular servicing programme.

The results have been exceptional and far exceeded those we expected. Using FCC in the after rental service programme has eliminated all fuel related maintenance and replacement of fuel pumps, injectors and solenoid valves. In the smaller equipment which is not electronically controlled FCC has eliminated black exhaust smoke together with a very noticeable increase in the reliability of our entire rental fleet. At CAT we are extremely proud of the performance of our equipment; FCC has taken those performance levels to a new height through improved fuel management.

In December 2010 Hawthorne Pacific Corp approached Your Earth Pacific seeking to become their distributor in this region which resulted in our appointment. We are now supplying FCC to a number of key operators such as Black Constructions who are using FCC throughout their vast and varied fleet by dosing FCC into both their diesel and gasoline master storage tanks and Kosrae Utilities Authority who have been using FCC in their all CAT generator power plants since June 2010.

I am proud to recommend FCC to any operation that is seeking improved performance, large reductions in short and long term fuel related maintenance through improved fuel storage and management initiatives. Although we at Hawthorne Pacific Corp cannot accurately record fuel savings in our rental fleet we do endorse the fuel savings recorded by our clients which is in the range of 6% 8% fuel savings from using FCC. A combination of fuel savings, decreased maintenance expenditure and increased reliability makes FCC easily self-funding and in our experience, likely to produce substantial savings for consistent users.

I will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our experience with FCC Fuel conditioner or the distributor of this great Australian made product – Your Earth Pacific Pty Ltd