Narrow Boat Fuel revitalization

Dear Gerry,

“Another excellent result”

Thank you for your recent delivery of Fuel Set.

I added it to the fuel tank of a narrow boat I am working on in France, the fuel being between 10 and 3 years old – I tested the diesel engine some 10 months ago and it ran badly, erratic tick-over, lumpy etc, so badly I intended to fit a new injection pump, injectors etc.

Two weeks ago I added the Fuel Set to the 40 gallons of old diesel in the tank, stirred/agitated it, bled the engine fuel system, started the engine and it ran perfectly, steady tick-over and RPM steady at all throttle settings – a truly impressive result – it looks as if the Fuel Set treatment has saved me considerable expense in fitting new parts to rectify the rough running.

Thanks again,
Yours truly,

Geoff Nash