Ferry RAB-Croatia

We have tested FUEL SET (additive for diesel fuel) produced by LIQIID ENGINEERING Western Australia supplied by LIQUED ENGINEERING GREGUREK from Zagreb Remetine_ka c. 75a.

Testing took place during the period from 01.07.2000 to 01.10.2000. on the car ferry RAB 1 (2 diesel engines CUMMINS KTA 19 M3)

Power: 640 HP each.

Above testing showed following results:

  1. Much easier starting and smoother running of engines have been evaluated.
  2. Major lack of visible smoke (almost completely) noticed.
  3. Fuel consumption reduced: 10%-15% (average)


At the end of the operative season regular servicing took place in rehauling shipyard PUNAT where fuel tanks in inspection showed that they are clean, no sediments or water were found, which was not the case during previous exploitation without Fuel Set.

We would like to point out that during testing and application of FUEL SET we did not have any negative indications neither problems or incidents connected to the fuel, filters, tubing or injecting system. The testing took place under continuous heavy conditions of engines operation (CONSTANT MANOVRA)

We are glad to inform you that we decided to use FUEL SET regularly and continuously on all our vessels (ferries).

FUEL SET was added in 1 :3000 ration.

Rab. 11.10.2000. Tehn. Director
Ing. Vjeko Maricic

“Rapska Plovidba”