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Mileage Mate FCC cleans your fuel system and improves fuel efficiency for all fuel types, whether gasoline, diesel or biofuels.  Unlike our competitors, Mileage Mate FCC is not petroleum based and contains no alcohol.  So it won’t damage your rubber o-rings or other components, making it suitable for use with each fill-up.  In addition, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and biodegradable.  It removes water from fuel, cleans, lubricates, and causes better combustion.  The result is better fuel economy, a better running engine, and reduced maintenance and downtime!

It is proven in independent testing to improve fuel economy 5-10%, increase lubricity 30-60% depending on fuel, reduce NOx emissions by 40% and soot by 30% in diesel applications, and increase fuel injector life by 50%.  Like all DGT products, Mileage Mate FCC is backed by a full money-back guarantee.  Make Mileage Mate FCC part of your maintenance routine today!

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Mileage Mate cleans your fuel system and improves fuel efficiency for all fuel types, whether gasoline, diesel or biofuels.

Mileage Mate FCC is designed to condition the fuel by combining water, waxes and resins into the fuel, in an irreversible process. This results in a clean fuel system, which in turn removes the problem areas mentioned above.

Mileage Mate FCC V, the same system cleaning with added Magnesium Sulfonate fuel additive. FCCV is our specially highly over based magnesium sulfonate fuel oil additive formulated with 14% magnesium sulfonate suitable for heavy fuel oils. This product is a completely oil soluble, a green colored liquid with good stability in the presence of water.

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All Desert Green Technologies products come with a money back guarantee.
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1L (.26 Gallons) – Treats 1,056 Gallons, 20L (5.28 Gallons) – Treats 21,000 Gallons, 250mL (8.45oz) – Treats 264 Gallons, 264 Gallon IBC Tote (1,000L) – Treats 1,056,000 Gallons, 55 Gallon Drum (200L) – Treats 211,000 Gallons, 5L (1.32 Gallons) – Treats 5,283 Gallons, 60mL Dosing Bottle (2oz) – Treats 63 Gallons


FCC (Gasoline, Diesel, Biofuel), FCCV (Bunker Fuel, Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO))