Overhit Mod APK – Nexon has released its latest game Overhit recently with extremely eye-catching graphics. The good thing is it can be played on both android ad IOS.
Nexon is one of the famous companies in the gaming world that has given some blockbuster games to people to enjoy like Dragon Nest: Legend, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed. HIT and most recently their amazingly done OverHit. This game has fantastically done by sending people in a fantasy world where you have to fight against evil and make peace all around with a lot of adventures.

overhit apk

Summary about OverHit APK

Name OverHit
Publisher NEXON
Genre 3D, Online, RPG
Latest Version 1.15.91835
Size 93M
MOD Features No
Platforms Android 5.0
Get It On OverHit MOD And Guide For Global Version

When starting the game, you will be getting hero cards to have your own team against the opponent one. The characters displayed in-game have a variety of strengths and powers to be chosen. Moreover, familiar features have to be collected to make your own kind of team to fight.

A graphics masterpiece:

The game has been developed with engine 4 graphics and has showed same level of effects as any PC game would give be in terms of environment, skills of the players. Each and every minute thing has been taken care of brilliantly. Moreover, the variety of character amazes a person that gives you a chance to train your own warriors in any term and work out the strengths and weaknesses to make your team more powerful. Furthermore, it gives you chance to bring peace and fight the evil and explore vast lands.

Having a smart phone with strong configuration is all you need to play this game. But to not let their users down, Nexon has announced to provide a lower configuration version for older phone users. Isn’t it great?


The game has been built in with fundamentals of RPG game to control and work out each player’s moves seamlessly. The items received in each round will automatically unlock new features and upgrade the system to have new challenges.

It focuses on both Ovp and PvE, with all the teammates and friends to come together to fight against with the opponent.

It’s time to download OverHit for Android/IOS:

One problem is that it has a language and range barriers. It has only been released in Korea so if you want to have some fun from OverHit, you have to switch you apple device on Korea region or in android download free APK app. Sometime later the game will be launched globally that will give ease the users to play this in any area anytime.