Mario Kart Tour APK – Mario Kart Tour APK is the “old but gold” racing game of Nintendo publisher, enthused by their own game in 1992. Published January 31, 2018, the summer of 2019 evaluates the comeback of the Super Mario Kart series when the beta version for Android was formally tested in North America and Japan. After some ineffective new mobile game projects, perhaps Nintendo took the correct step when they decided to revive the games that we’re winning in the past.

mario kart tour apk

Summary about Mario Kart Tour APK

Name Mario Kart Tour
Publisher Nintendo
Genre 3D, Online, Racing
Latest Version 1.2.1
Size 117M
MOD Features No
Platforms Android
Get It On Mario Kart Tour MOD And Guide For Official by Nintendo

The best racing game of the 90s

As a racing game, your goal when playing Mario Kart Tour is not too odd. No matter who you are or what you do, overcome the opponents and try to become the first finisher. Use speed; collect power-ups on the track to defeat your opponents. And of course, the driving skill of a number one driver is a requisite element on the road to conquer the glory.

The controller

Mario Kart Tour has a foremost screen in the vertical direction. Similar control mechanisms like other racing games for mobile. You swipe your finger on the screen to manage the kart instead of tilting the device like Asphalt. A little change from the console version, your kart will mechanically speed up when the adversary approaches or after a fall due to a collision with the wall.


If you’re a fan of Super Mario Kart’s characters, the character system will make you feel awfully excited. You will create the game with either Toad or Toadette characters. Characters sort by rarity contain three types of Common, Rare and Super Rare. You can undo character chests by using Emerald.

Upgrade your kart

All karts can be upgraded with each type of engine such as engine, jet, shock absorber and tire. You can open accessories from the pipes and decide the right accessories that you want to improve.


The player’s first impression of Mario Kart Tour is the skillfully designed graphics. Optimized for mobile devices, the game has had some alter compared to the console version. The game gives you old nostalgia, emotions from the racing game series 27 years back.


The best game console 27 years ago, now legitimately available on mobile. Now it’s time to download Mario Kart Tour to your phone and find your old emotions. If you love Mario and Nintendo’s old games, this is a game you can’t overlook.