Guild Of Heroes Mod APK – Nowadays RPG games have been gaining a lot of popularity because of its gameplay and high-quality graphics. Guild and Heroes come in this genre as BIT.GAMES has introduced this game with has been making the users very happy.

guild of heroes mod apk

Summary about Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Name Guild of Heroes
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Genre 3D, Online, RPG
Latest Version 1.85.5
Size 97M
MOD Features No Skill Count-Down
Platforms Android 4.1
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Witch world:

This game takes you to the wizarding world as it is based on the theme of Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling. The game contains monsters, witches, magic wand and warriors. With the Dark Lord, they all are attacking the world to dominate. You are the defender against these evil forces.

Characters classes:

There are four categories containing witch, archer, warrior, and assassin from which the character can be chosen. Every character has unique skills-based on the items it has. The interesting thing is you can switch characters by changing items.


There are two modes that are PvE and PvP. The game will take you to explore the world and fighting in different locations like caves, deserts, and forests. When you defeat the head you will be rewarded with many prizes.

The mission system is interesting as you can pause the mission to play on another day easily. Consecutive hours playing will make you tired so you can complete them on different days easily by this feature.

In PvP modes, you will be fighting opponent players having similar kinds of skills as you have. So you better make wise choices to defeat them otherwise you will lose. Not to worry, the game is unlimited so keep doing the practice and come back with more strength.

The control system is easy to get used to with a number of practices. Mixing the skills carefully to strike the enemy in a more clever way should be your goal. When reaching the higher level you will be able to learn more tactics and skills. The head enemy has crit hit 70000 dames and HP of yours is 53000 so you better be prepared and do a lot of practice to master your skills.

Beautiful design:

3D graphics have taken this game to a higher level of quality. Just perfectly done has given a realistic touch to everything. The cuts through the trunks, cracks in the stones have been designed depth having no difference from the real world. There is no other game better in graphics than Guild and Heroes.

Should you play Guild and Heroes?

This is a perfectly designed RPG game in today’s world with perfect gameplay and story-line. It has been released for both IOS and android users so go install it and experience one of the most amazing games.