Enter your details & Follow Steps for the chance to be selected for this giveaway. If there could be a smartphone that can easily flatter anyone by the beauty it represents, it surely would be Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is known to be the world’s first and only dual curved mobile phone.

The signature looks of this cell phone alone standout amongst its competitive models of other brands. The innovative curved look makes the buyer more curious about its usage. And when it comes to usage, the more you experience, the better it gets.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Giveaway 2019

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a solution to all your problems when it comes to multi-tasking. The 64-bit octa-core operating system enables it to handle all kinds of tasks conveniently. Its upgraded processor saves you from all the hassle involved in using a variety of applications all at the same time.

Moreover, the ultra-fast charging system of Samsung Galaxy S6 enables the usage for four hours with 10 minutes’ charge. The wireless charging feature makes it even more convenient for a user. After all, the convenience of the user is all that matters for brands like Samsung.

The unique defense-grade security system, Knox 2.4, of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge can only be found here. Now your smartphone is safer than ever. You can keep safe all your usage items i.e. pictures, conversations, contacts and much more in Knox 2.4 that is protected by an un-similar key than the security key of phone lock. Many of the significant features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are worth mentioning such as the light weight of 132g, the main CMOS camera of 16.0 resolution, a standard battery capacity of 2600 mAh, a bigger display size of the main screen i.e. 5.1” etc.

The smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge make a huge demand in the market because of the amazing specifications it offers. The innovative launches like these leave a memorable mark in the history of phones, yet the brilliant minds behind their manufacturing never stop making efforts for discovering and launching something new and more beneficial.