Free 30 Day Trial of Mileage Mate

No purchase necessary.

Desert Green Technologies is extending this exclusive offer to all our valued customers and potential clients to participate in a 30-Day Free Trial of Mileage Mate to obtain statistical data. Applicants must have at least 10 vehicles driving a minimum of 10,000 miles per month or generators logging at least 2,000 hours per month. Vehicles may be fueled by gasoline, diesel, ethanol or biodiesel based and should drive similar/consistent routes. Eligible participants must have a data a logging device that includes miles driven and MPG (or GPH and load for generators). No purchase necessary.

For more information about this contest email: or call Will Fortenberry @ (866) DGT-7500. This offer expires on August 15, 2016. Selected applicants will be notified on or before August 15, 2016.