Five Nights At Freddy’s Mod APK – Publisher Click team has launched a very thrilling game called Five night at Freddy’s which has gained popularity by people. Released in August 2014 and received many positive reviews by critics has made sure that Scott Cawthon to release its mobile version for all platforms like android IOS and windows phone.

five nights at freddy's mod apk

Summary about Five Nights at Freddy’s MOD APK

Name Five Nights at Freddy’s
Publisher Clickteam
Genre 3D, Horror, Offline
Latest Version 2.0.1
Size 81M
MOD Features Unlocked
Platforms Android 2.3
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The night guard:

A man Mike is finding a job. As he really needed money so he accepted to do a job of a night guard at Freddy store. The handsome money and easy job attracted him but he did not know what dangers are awaiting him. There are three beasts who attract the kids with their act on day and night time they are transformed into killers whose aim is to kill the guard.

The previous guard has left a note to Mike to beware. This famous store has a lot of secrets known to no one. One murder has started the whispering which has been hidden in animal clothes that has scared the people.

This game is very scary:

It is a scary game as you will be alone in the store at night and you have to control the system of the store. The door can be closed making them not attack you but the door cannot be closed all the time. When energy is down and lights are gone the door will automatically open so the monsters will attack you. All you need to do is manage the store’s lights and distract them with music until the morning comes.

Saving yourself from 8 hours will not be an easy job to do. But this time in the mobile version will be 8 minutes 36 seconds and 4 minutes 30 seconds. The game has 5 stages with a lot of missions. If you get killed you have to be there at night.

Graphics and sound:

The important thing which makes this game scarier is music which has been worked out in-depth. Graphics too, as the scary faces carefully designed, the sharp teeth, blood all over will frighten you. In images, you will think of them as cute maybe but the thought of teeth in the dark will startle you lit.

Now coming to the music, this game will give you an experience of all quiet just your breathing sound and after an interval of time scare of animals. You will be thrilled to play such an amazing game to play.

Experience five nights at Freddy’s:

The game can be bought in 3$ approximately on the Google store and app store. This game will surely challenge your courage and test your bravery.