Angry Birds 2 Mod APK – If you’ve ever tried to play the famous game Angry Birds, then surely you will be involved in Angry Birds 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) – The serial version of, because this game is constantly being added with tremendously attractive events and updates ( including hatchling, new stages and guilds, plus innumerable great ways to attack evil pig guys.

angry birds 2 mod apk

Summary about Angry Birds 2 MOD APK

Name Angry Birds 2
Publisher Rovio
Genre 2D, Casual, Offline
Latest Version 2.34.0
Size 88M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Platforms Android 4.1
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The plot follows from the first version

One day, a pig was sent by Chef Pig and King Pig to filch the birds’ eggs, but he was at once discovered. A balloon appears to set free their pig. And Red once again has to hound the balloon, looking for the keys to free Blues, Bomb, Matilda,

Gameplay (With many new things)

Now, you don’t have to shoot birds in order any longer. This means that in the wink of an eye, you can mobilize Chuck with tremendously accurate attacks, and then followed by Matilda’s bombing. In addition to shooting birds, you can fire magic too. Try launching a gather of rubber ducks or chili that can make the flock blow up. That additional weapons warehouse is a great assistant when you step into the vast multiplayer stages, as well as an unpredictable boss clash.

Do you wish to set a scoring record? Collect feathers to upgrade the birds, as well as endowing them with eye patches, astronaut hats, and many other accessories. You can earn these items from incessant daily quests, battles with online opponents, or from Tower of Fortune mode.

There are thousands of interesting levels

The most imposing point is that the game now has more than 1,600 levels (You don’t get it wrong, it’s great!) The 3-star earner for all the screens in Angry Birds 2 can be one of the main challenges in the world’s mobile games. If you do this, you will absolutely find yourself as strong as the Mighty Eagle.

New graphics and sounds

The most obvious point about the graphics of this game is the brighter color and much more upgraded than the previous version. Especially, small details such as sunshine, rain, explosions, and background scenes are carefully designed.

You may not notice it, but even the faces of birds or pigs have expressions that are suitable for the context at the time. Fear when being an attack, angry when robbed of eggs, the liberality of the big bosses … are shown openly, meticulously.


This game is very attractive and the people who work at APKMody we absolutely love it. Simple but motivating gameplay, every element is fine except that it’s pretty much advertised and half-free.