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American Airlines

american airlines

Dear Sirs,
American Airlines at Heathrow have been using Fuel set for approx 3 year. There has been a noticeable improvement in the condition of our stored fuel. The addition of Fuel Set has brought about a marked decrease in exhaust smoke emission, water in fuel, filter condition, engine running performance and full economy.
Kevin Robins


ace equipment

Dear Mr. Stevens,

The Product Fuel Set was used by servisair at Belfast International Airport on Transit Vans.

We found that the emissions were cleaned up (black smoke that was) and, the engine run without ‘pinking’.

Also, we haven’t experienced any pump or injector problems while using Fuel Set. I would have no problem recommending this product for engines which experience excessive…

Electric Power Corporation

electric power corporation

Subject-EPC Testimony for Fuel Conditioner Concentrate (FCC)

Reliable & Affordable electricity for Samoa is the Electric Power Corporation’s (EPC) VISION for the next 3 years. It is our responsibility as employees to search and apply any possible methods or ideas to try and achieve this goal. Any possibility to get revenue back from these methods to counteract the uncontrolled price rise of diesel…



Dear Chris,

Just a brief note to say how delighted we are with the Fuel Set product. As you know we add at source into our bowser for direct delivery into the fleet, this has proved to be very useful to us on a few issue the primary ones being less blocked fuel filters and other related fuel problems, particularly over the winter period. It has shown a significant reduction in emission problems,…

United Airlines

united airlines

Dear Mr Stevens,
Re: Fuel Set Fuel Conditioner
Futher to our recent discussion concerning vehicle exhaust emissions in and around Heathrow airport, we are happy to confirm the following.
We have been using your product Fuel Set in our ground support vehicles since June 1998. During this time we have treated some 1.6 million liters of fuel with no detrimental effects to any of our equipment. We no…

Raptis And Sons


Dear Paul,

With reference to our telephone discussion today, I would just like to let you know that we have been regularly using FCC Fuel conditioner in the trawlers of our fishing fleet in South Australia since 2005.From the beginning we noticed an almost immediate improvement in the smoothness of the engine at idle and while underway. The fuel filters were lasting longer and there was no longer…

Narrow Boat Fuel revitalization

Dear Gerry,

“Another excellent result”

Thank you for your recent delivery of Fuel Set.

I added it to the fuel tank of a narrow boat I am working on in France, the fuel being between 10 and 3 years old – I tested the diesel engine some 10 months ago and it ran badly, erratic tick-over, lumpy etc, so badly I intended to fit a new injection pump, injectors etc.

Two weeks ago I added…

Mr. R Tancred

aussie testimonial

Dear Paul

I am just writing to you to give you some feedback on the outcome of me using FCC Fuel Conditioner on my boat.

Sometime ago, I had a problem with water in my fuel and as a result I had some additional work done on my boat with the filter system however, complimentary to this, I have been using your product and must say I am very pleased with the outcome.

Prior to using the product…



Dear Chris Stevens,
Re: Fuel Set

Following our recent telephone conversation I would confirm that we have used your product Fuel Set at our Crawely Depot, where we operate 12 Volvo BIOM’s and 14 Scania K113s.

Our results showed that, when used in the recommended mix ratio of 4000:1 in our Derv bulk storage tank, the fuel economy improvement covered the cost of your product. This data was cross…

Sabre Engines


Dear Gerry,
Subject: Fuel Set
Sabre Engines are not able to give a formal approval for your fuel additive “Fuel Set”. We do not have an endurance test programme in which we could evaluate the product fully. However from the promotional material and talks with you we have no reason to disapprove the product.
We will warrant the engine under our normal terms and conditions, but should any problem…


perkins engines

Dear Sir,
You will appreciate that we are unable to give formal approval for any fuel additives, due to the scale of evaluation necessary.
However, it does appear from the description of Fuel Set, and the test results supplied, that it does meet the claims of water handling, and avoidance of fungal infections, and that no harm should result to the engine or fuel system.
That claims regarding…


MAN Nutztahlzeuge AG,

Dear Barry,
Water in the fuel is in fact a problem in some areas not only since it can penetrate into the injection system and cause damages but also produce fungal growth in the fuel tank and filters blocking in the fuel supply to the engine. Any means to reduce the effect of water in the fuel is very welcome as long as it does not harm the engines in another way.
In respect of Fuel Set…


Dear Mr. Stevens,
We refer to your recent enquiry and confirm that we have used Fuel Set consistently since June 1995. During this period we have had no fuel or emission problems. The use of Fuel Set has had no detrimental effects on any of our vehicles.
We are currently running 14 DAF 75-300 units.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Humphery
Traffic Controller

Hawthorn Cat


To Whom It May Concern
In Guam in January 2010 I was introduced toFCC Fuel Conditioner Concentrate by David Loughnan, CEO of Your Earth Pacific Pty Ltd when he was releasing FCC in the Northern Pacific region.
At Hawthorne Pacific Corporation in my position as Service Manager I am responsible for the ongoing maintenance of our entire rental fleet of equipment which includes the following CAT models:…



Remarks on use of the Fuel Set (a gasoline and diesel fuel additive) and CORRO DIP (corrosion dissolvent)
During long years of working with our ships we have been always confronted with two basic principles at the exploitation of main engines at the two underlying agreements.

Water and impurity at the fuel (in our case diesel fuel) and consequently…

Ferry RAB-Croatia

ferry rab croatia

We have tested FUEL SET (additive for diesel fuel) produced by LIQIID ENGINEERING Western Australia supplied by LIQUED ENGINEERING GREGUREK from Zagreb Remetine_ka c. 75a.
Testing took place during the period from 01.07.2000 to 01.10.2000. on the car ferry RAB 1 (2 diesel engines CUMMINS KTA 19 M3)

Power: 640 HP each.

Above testing showed following results:

Much easier starting and smoother…


Liquid Engineering’s Managing Director, Gerry Yeatman, explains: “Croatia imports its diesel fuel from Russia. This fuel has high sulphur content, which attacks the metals in the fuel-metering device of the engine. This can lead to expensive repairs in all makes of models of cars”.
“The Audi dealers in Croatia found the valves had a life of only about 8,000 km, but with FCC added to the tank…



Dear Chris,
Consultation with Johnson Malthey regarding the use of the fuel set additive in conjunction with vehicles fitted with CRT tm has revealed that it should have no harmful or detrimental effect on the operation of the CRT.
Should however CRT fitted to vehicles using the Fuel Set additive fail, core samples of the catalyst and filter will be taken and laboratory tested before being approved…

Pacific Towing (PNG) Ltd

pacific towing

Ian Stevens in a circular to his managers writes:
“Some time back we encountered contamination of all four fuel tanks on the tug ‘Mataranka’ The contamination showed up in its early stages as a powdery black residue in the fuel filters. The Mataranka runs 2 x Detroit 16V92s and fortunately no noticeable impairment to the injector/pump units was detected.
After receiving welcome advice from…

What some of our other customers say about? FCC Fuel conditioner

“A journey that could not be completed on one tank full of fuel before treatment can now be done with fuel remaining.I am very pleased with the results that I have obtained”. “I am very pleased with the results that I have obtained”D.F.E. Bedforshire
“My son in law has been using FCC in his diesel engine Land Rover for about one month and has been impressed with the results”. “I…